by Beatriz Berkowitz, Transpersonal Therapist


"Come as you are and learn to be who you are."

You might ask: What is Meditation? Why it is important? How to do it? We can turn to the words of a spiritual philosopher named Paul Brunton to answer these questions:

"Meditation is merely a form of simple practice...   What could be simpler than saying this: If you look into your heart and mind deep enough and long enough to penetrate beneath the tumult of desires that daily distract your attention, you may then discover peace."

Or from Eckhart Tolle:   "True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and the solution to problems are found."


In other words, there is a mystery about our own selves that can be unveiled or revealed only in the stillness, the stillness which is our essential nature which we may reach through the practice of meditation. In this stillness lies the answer to all of our problems and struggles, and it contains the energy of healing and has the wisdom that we need for our Journey in this Life.


Normally our minds are like a "monkey mind" jumping from one thought to another with a very little rest in between. Returning again to the words of Paul Brunton, "The mind is a machine which produces thoughts and it is out of control." With the practice of meditation our thoughts can slow down and we can become aware of our own nature free from the emotions and thoughts that disturb us.


In the beginning it is important to concentrate on the breathing. One can even count the out-breaths from one to ten, in order to fix the attention on one point. Sitting in a relaxed and straight position is important in order to be comfortable and focused. When thoughts arise, we do not follow them, do not suppress them and do not feed them, but only observe them and let them go. To just be aware of what you are thinking and bring the attention back to the breathing. This is exactly the practice - to bring back your attention when your mind becomes distracted over and over. This takes time and patience but in the end the result is peace, because the gaps between the thoughts become larger, and in them dwells the stillness, our own nature, WHO we are.


Finally, "The truth needed for immediate and provisional use may be learned from books and teachers, but the truth of the ultimate revelation can be learned only from and within oneself by meditation."  (Vol 4: 1.14 from The Notebooks of Paul Brunton)




Published  in “Mountain Fitness Newsletter”,  Mt. Shasta, CA, February 2016