The Higher Self Conscious States - from being a tourist to being a philosopher

By Gran


One day in our lives - we go every vacation to the beach. Another day of our lives - we decided to surf the Sea, so we bought a board. In another phase of our lives, we put the board aside and go diving in the waves. And then - this is no longer enough - And then, we go deeper and deeper, into the silent Ocean and become one with it, we get lost in its depths, we "stun" with its silence.

And one fine day, after this identification and union had reached a sufficient degree - we returned to the surface and returned to our daily lives - the vacation ended.

But we will never be the same - we can now return - to return to life, to our activities, but we take the Ocean with us - we are an Ocean walking, that is, the Philosopher / Philosopher.




In the first stage - we are like tourists in life - we go to the beach to walk on the sand and get distracted by what is going on around us, but we have no intention, nor any idea, to relate to the Ocean.

In the second moment - the Ocean already calls us - it already attracts us, we want this intimacy with it - we wake up to this idea. So, we bought a board - MEDITATION - to get closer to him, this is our support, our yoga.

So, we really enjoyed this board - this phase - and started to "taste" the delights of getting lost in that sublime wave energy, which elevates us - and makes us have mystical experiences of union with Nature and our interior.

So, we decided to experiment without the board - and, we realized, that one day the waves are calm, but the next day, they are agitated. So, we are unable to maintain our high state of Peace.

So we decided to dive deeper, deeper and deeper. And, as we do, we realize that there is another Reality below the waves, below the surface - a very rich Reality and a very deep and mysterious silence.

And when we leave there, and when we return to the surface and meet again with the others, we realize that we are no longer the same - part of us keeps that silence, part of us no longer comes back to the surface, but stays there, immersed in that silent depth.

So, we decided to go back there, to the beach - now, not just on vacation. But often ...

And, one day, we realized that the Ocean came with us to the city - for Our daily life. This silence permeates our activities, our minds. And, we no longer need to go there - there is no “go there” - everything is ONE - we are one with “that”. And, "that" is us.

We become Philosophers / Philosophers. And, living in this world, without being of this world, we walk. And in this journey we are transforming those who are open to Grace. We become an Instrument of the Divine. And, after Blessed, Bless!




Well, let's look at it from another point of view.

-Were you separated from the ocean? From the deep?


But, in order to return to this lost consciousness, that we are ONE - it is necessary - then, to follow these steps of approximation:

- Go on vacation to the Sea;

- Walk on the beach;

- Use the surfboard;

- Dive in the waves;

- Go to the deepest of the Ocean;

- Swim there in the deepest;

- Return to daily life;

- Return to the beach, as many times as necessary;

- Bring the ocean with us;

- Be the Ocean.

What will happen? You will transform little by little ... What will happen to the environment around you and your ego? People will think you are strange and will ask or complain that you are not the same anymore.

You, in turn, will feel that you no longer want to do what you did before, that you no longer want to do the same way. The ego, used to a daily routine - will want you to stay that way. And, your tendency will be to leave the deep Ocean, return home and “forget” the peace that lived there - as if it were just something from summer, from holidays.

This is the first MISTAKE, because what you experienced there is what you are and have always been - you recovered your lost memory.

So, the first step is not to let this experience be just “a vacation memory”. But make it incorporated into your daily life.

This first moment will require some attention and effort - but the continuation - will become a habit, as it was that old habit, in the past.

Remember that everything is rhythm in life - the sun rises every day and dusk comes every night.

So, when you notice that the "old routine" is trying to take you to automatic control - stop, turn to yourself, inward - even if it is just for a minute - sit back, relive the silence of the Ocean.

With this daily practice - what could become “a pleasant vacation memory” - it will become your life - and this time - your real life, because this is your true life - that of the Higher Self.

That is - existence, knowledge and beatitude! (sat, cit, ananda)