By Gran


The union with God is achieved through the gradual “approaching” of the being towards the Higher Self, that is, as the individual advances in regard to conscience, s/he begins to perceive that there is a substratum that permeates everything, that when elevated their mind reaches levels of consciousness where Peace, Beauty and Joy reign.

This Light envelops all of their bodies, like a protective  Aura, and the being lives in full consciousness, detaching from the outer events – although the outer events continue to exist, to taking place.  Nonetheless, the individual no longer reacts to them, they will not identify themselves with them, they will see those events as images of a movie, acting in a neutral manner, only when necessary.

The "approach" is a gradual process because first the person has to detach to become the “witness” thereof, the observer, untie themselves from the event – and watch from a distance. On a second stage, the being elevates their consciousness – to the Highest and get connected with that Light. On a third instance, they must learn to hold this connection steadfast and permanently. That will be the moment when s/he will reach what we call “Illumination” – the perennial state of union of with the Oveself – or “Sahaja Samadhi”.