Prem Rawat

Prem Rawat (1957-  ), also known as Guru Maharaj Ji, has become known internationally by his  System of Meditation named "Knowledge". 

He began teaching at the young age of eight after his father Divya Sndesh Parishad’s death, when he assumed the position of "Satguru" of his work, later known as  Divine Light Mission.   When he was 13 years old he travelled to the West and soon took up residence in the United States. 

His trajectory as a Teacher grow rapidly and he started to have followers in over 67 countries, with hundreds of thousands attending his ‘Key Six Sessions’ where they received the gift of the Knowledge technique of meditation.

His students describe Rawat as a spiritual teacher, guide and inspiration for them who draws seekers to him by the simplicity with which he delivers deep and profound Knowledge and Truth as well as by his joyful personality, illustrative stories, and sense of humor. His message that "all you need is inside of you, and all that you are is inside of you" serves to draw individuals to the core of themselves and is a great gift of his.

Gran encountered his work while living in Brazil in the 1990’s and after moving to United States had the privilege in 2000 to participate one of his Knowledge Sessions in Miami Beach, becoming his student and participating in the "Knowledge Group" there for many years. 

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