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The Path of Philosophy is the Path of the Heart, the Path of Love, and of Love of Wisdom – the Wisdom that we know by contemplating the Divine in ourselves and in all things. Thank you for joining us in this search to live the Truth and to discover life’s meaning.

The appearance and work of these higher entities has changed throughout history, adapting itself to the mentality and conditions of humans in a given time period. Many are not aware that these contacts are continuing and occur now, in our times.

Take for example the phenomenon of Crop Circles – sacred geometric patterns which appear spontaneously and within a matter of seconds and imprint themselves in fields of wheat, corn and other crops, and even in snow and ice. These have been documented in many countries for over thirty years and all attempts to debunk them or explain them by normal means have been confounded. Initial attempts by critics to dismiss them, having failed, have been replaced by silence and neglect about them. It is amazing that this phenomenon is virtually ignored by the media.

The epicenter of this phenomenon is in Wilshire, England, the location of many prehistoric sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Scientific research on crop circles has demonstrated that they emit unusual energies (which have been known to destroy and interfere with electronic devices), produce alterations in plants that are generated from seeds harvested from crop circles, alter the chemistry of the underlying soil, and that the patterns in which the plants are bent are fused occurs in such a way that the plants survive and keep growing. Often a shadow of a crop circle will appear the following year in the new crop planted at the location. And remarkably, when crop circles are viewed from above their shape is adapted to the curves in the landscape in such a way that they appear perfectly symmetric to the viewer from above.

Each summer dozens of Crop Circles are manifested in the countryside of Great Britain, often within view of ancient sacred sites. In some cases, forgotten sacred sites have been re-discovered based on information provided within a crop circle, such as an arrow or line pointing in a specific direction. Crop circles have also ‘appeared’ in many other countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, and Switzerland, In short, crop circles appear to be intelligent phenomenon that contain important information for humanity. Some of them are constructed in binary codes or fractal geometrical patterns that can be decoded to reveal musical structures or which provide specific information. Often they take the form of planetary arrangements that are occurring in the heavens at the time of a crop circles appearance, and also may depict the arrangement of future planetary events and alignments.

Many crop circles appear in forms that are remarkably similar to diagrams made by esoteric philosophers, such as the Vesica Pices, for example those developed by Anthony Damiani and published in his book Astronoesis. This suggests that the diagrams developed by these philosophers are not merely a human construction or conceptual scheme but represent in fact a channeling of sacred patterns that are part of the divine intelligence that is creating the universe – patterns that today appear in the form of crop circles.

Those working with crop circles – photographing them, studying them, and reporting them to a humanity that seems uninterested in acknowledging them – believe that crop circles manifest a greater intelligence that interacts with those who pay attention to them. For example, there are numerous accounts of crop circles that appear in forms, patterns, or arrangements that seem to be in response to the questions, research, and interests of the crop circle community.

What does this all mean? Each of us must decide for ourselves. Is the existence of divine beings that have been referred to as “deities,” “angels,” “gods” and “goddesses” merely a cultural belief or an outdated mental concept or do they refer to actual realities? If they exist, what is the correct way of relating to them and what is our responsibility to them? If they are indeed trying to help and communicate with us, how should we respond? Or, is it more reasonable to believe, as has been suggested by critics, that crop circles are produced by large groups of people who sneak into fields at night to shape corn, wheat, and other crops – and even snow and ice – into geometrical patterns?

Our planet is in a critical moment of its evolution. Humanity has interfered with planet earth to a degree that is unprecedented and which endangers the well-being of the planet and all those who live on it. To solve these problems we may need help, help which may be readily available and which is being offered in ways that we may not yet recognize. Through prayer, attunement, reflection and understanding sacred phenomenon, including as crop circles (or by meditating on their pictures) it may be possible to invoke the assistance of higher beings to help us reverse the destructive course that humanity has embarked upon.

Useful websites are: https://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2000/apr.shtml, www.cropcirclecenter.com and www.cropcircleconnector.com.

"Philosophy stands for something infinitely superior to physical honesty; something far more difficult of attainment; it stands for mental honesty. It is the fellowship of those who understand, a brotherhood of as many orders as there are degrees of understanding."

- Manly Palmer Hall -